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Animal Aid Foundation


Leon County Humane Society (You can foster a pet for free!!!)

TLC Tallahassee Leon County Animal (Euthanasia or Adoption) Service Center

Animal Aid Foundation - Spay and Neuter Center  

The Animal Aid Foundation operates the Spay and Neuter Center in Tallahassee, Florida.  The Spay and Neuter Center is a full service veterinary clinic providing the highest quality veterinary services at low cost.  The Spay and Neuter Center provides service to over 3000 pet owners, from routine vaccinations to orthopedic reconstructive surgery to grooming. 

The Spay and Neuter Center dedicates its veterinary facilities, personnel and resources to the rehabilitation of rescued animals.  Once these animals are rehabilitated, a suitable adoption is sought. 

Our mission is to reduce the overpopulation of domestic pets until we reach our goal of eliminating the euthanasia of adoptable pets

Since 1977 the Animal Aid foundation has had a commitment to reduce the overpopulation of pets in our communities.  Our foremost concern is to prevent the suffering that comes from being unwanted and our goal is to help animals who have no voice.  We know that if we can spay or neuter a pet now, there will be fewer homeless pets who will be killed by automobiles, starve to death or be euthanized simply because no one wants them.

Ever year over 5000 cats and dogs are spayed and neutered at the Spay and Neuter Center operated by the Animal Aid Foundation in Tallahassee, Florida.  These pets will not contribute to the overpopulation of pets which are brought to animal shelters each year.

How to Contact Us

The Animal Aid Foundation / Spay and Neuter Center is located at :

2270 Boone Boulevard
Tallahassee, Fl 32303


Our Phone number is (850) 386-4148
  Our Fax Number is (850) 385-5833

      Contact us by email at animalaid@nettally.com

LCHS office in Tallahassee, FL
Leon County Humane Society
413 Timberlane Road
(Near Meridian at Timberlane Road Intersection.)

<<<The Leon County Humane Society aka "LCHS" isn't the same 

place as the (euthanasia center) Tallahassee Leon County Animal Center aka "TLC">>>

Why do I mention this? Remember when making donations that these are two separate organizations. The first fully supports foster caring in individual homes and if you wish you can adopt a healthy cared for pet for a reasonable fee...but the second kills more animals than it saves. PLEASE ADOPT AN ANIMAL TODAY...

also knows as the "Animal Shelter")

(Euthanasia or Adoption)

Tallahassee Leon County Animal Center

On Easterwood Drive
(Near Tom Brown Park)

Either place is fine to adopt from and it's true you get a cheaper price if you adopt a pet at this place, but it has been my experience that your new pet is more likely to be sick from being confined with other sick animals at the "TLC Animal Center".

You truly are saving an animal's life when you adopt from this facility.

Ivan the German Shepherd
Ivan  The World's Most Beautiful
German Shepherd's 

Kennel 28
By Mona L. Abbott
"Wow, what's a guy like you doing in a place like this," I thought to myself, upon first seeing the beautiful German Shepherd Mix in Kennel 28. I offered a bone, the kind the shelter usually has at the front door to the kennels for anyone to give out as treats. "No thanks", he seemed to think. This dog wouldn't even maintain eye contact with me for a second, he just kept looking for a way out. 

This true story is continued on Ivan's Personal Website at

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